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Re: *Millennium*

In a message dated 12/30/99 5:43:15 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

> va! Hab SoSlIj Quch!
>  not qaStaHvIS tera' DIS pagh

'ej not qaSpu' tera' DIS wa', tera' DIS cha', tera' DIS wa'vatlh jay'!

not tera' DISmey togh vay', toghpa' *Dionysius Exguus*.  tera' DIS 
vaghvatlh cha'maH vagh qaS wanI'vam.  'ej toghHa' ghaH.  ghaytan
vagh ben tagh *millennium*!   tera' DIS wa'SanID taghbej *millennium*
chu' 'e' luHar DISvetlh yInwI'pu'.  

SKI: The calendar is hardly a precision instrument, and our current
system of dating has no actual correspondence to the date of Jesus's
birth.  The people of the year 1000 believed the millennium began then,
and 2000 is certainly 1000 years from that.
>  -------------------------
>  Here is a story that you can use to explain the millennium to morons:
Who's the moron?  The "strict constructionist" grumping away in his basement
while the rest of us party tomorrow night!

>  Say'IluD

-- ter'eS

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