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RE: *Millennium*

ja' ter'eS
Who's the moron?  The "strict constructionist" grumping away in his basement
while the rest of us party tomorrow night!

ramvam lulopDI' Hoch, vItlhej. jIQIpbe'. *Christian* jIH. vaj *Gregorian*
'ISjaH vIlo'. vaj jIHvaD (HochHom qo' tayvaD je
[ yIlegh])
taghDI' jaj 2001-01-01, tagh *millennium* wejDIch. HovQed 'ISjaH *common
era* 'ISjaH ghap Dalo''a'. <HIja'> choja'chugh vaj <*millennium* wejDIch
yItIv> qaja'. <ghobe'> choja'chugh vaj <tera DIS chu' yItIv> qaja' neH.
bIQIpbe' 'e' vISovchu'. ghu' Dayajchu'. ghu' yajbe' HochHom 'ej HaStaDaq
cha'bogh De' luHar. QIpqu' jay'.

I'm not stupid. I'll be partying along with the rest of the world tonight.
As a Christian, I use the Gregorian calendar. Thus, for me (and most of the
civilized world [follow the link]), the third millennium begins on
2001-01-01. Do you use the astronomical calendar or the common era calendar?
If you do, then "Happy Third Millennium", otherwise, "Happy New Year". I
know that you are not stupid and that you have a keen understanding of the
way calendars work. Most people don't and they just believe what they hear
on TV. THEY are morons.

vIt, batlh, yIn

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