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Re: HolQeD Dec/99 and "Barge"

> However, today I opened the issue to see the transcript *mostly* in
> Capital letters which I assumed was what was going to be corrected
> plus the sentence structure. Now, I'm still a newbie and confuse
> easily but wasn't correction the goal not just reprinting the captions? 
: The purpose of putting it in HolQeD is to have it published in written form
: AT ALL.  Otherwise, those of us without closed captioning on our televisions
: would never be able to see them.  It is not up to us to "correct" them,

I was the one who supplied Lawrence with my transcript of the captions.
Most people probably don't have (or don't know they have) the ability to
view the Closed Captions.  "Barge of the Dead" was a treat in that there
were some surprises in the captions for those of us who know Klingon that
those who could only listen to the episode weren't privy to.

I feel obliged to point out, too, that if Lawrence's goal was to correct
the writers' and actors' Klingon many errors, he'd never get anything else

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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