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Re: storm (was: Re: New Millenium)

> {jev} "storm"  [is this a weather or a military term?]

: When words have possible military and non-military meanings, MO tends
: to annotate as such.
: Dan - occupy (military term)(v)
: ngaq - support (military term)(n)
: raQ - camp (military term)(n)
: Sev - contain (an enemy)(v)
: tuH - maneuver (military term)(n)
: waw' - base (military term)(n)
: yov - charge (military term)(v)
: wey - company (military unit)(n)
: I believe jev is not a military term. I believe it is a weather term.

I think you're right.  I used to favor the military interpretation because
of the large number of military words in TKD (not surprising since Okrand
was inventing vocabulary for the Warrior Race), but you're right that
Okrand is very good about annotating items when the English gloss has more
than one meaning.

I also realized that {jev} was part of the vocabulary created specifically
for ST3.  In that movie, the Genesis Planet is wracked by storms -- not to
mention ice and snow, earthquakes and fissures, deserts and forests, etc.
All items for which Okrand created vocabulary.

: But if someone used it as a metaphor to describe a military action, I 
: would accept it.

Which is no doubt how the word acquired its military sense in English.  To
overwhelm an enemy position by overwhelming, brute force (as if) by storm.

T'Lod asks:
| chay' qar? qach'a' jev SuvwI' would seem to make more sense than jev muD.

Ah, but you would simply say: {jev.}  Much simpler than English.

We now know that weather verbs are just used by themselves, without an
explicit subject, as DloraH himself learned in a conversation with Marc
Okrand at a convention, qar'a'?

  "It rained a few times during the weekend, so we were put into
  the situation to discuss it. {SIS}. {SISqu'}. {SIStaH}. {SISchoH}.
  All correct. {SISlu'}, although grammatically correct, he didn't
  particularly like... You can also give it an object and say things
  like the clouds rained down cats and dogs... or something like
  that; you get the idea. But when Marc and I went outside and drops
  of water were falling on us, he looked up and simply said '{SIS}'."
                        (DloraH, personal conversation with MO, 5/98)

Though there are still a few holdouts on this list for {SIS muD}.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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