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re: HolQeD Dec/99 and "Barge"

This is in no way intended as a flame, I'm just a bit confused. 
Back when "Barge" aired and I got a transcript of the episode, I posted
what I had here and asked for help in translating since I was new to
tlhIngan Hol. I was told that the majority of the transcript and the
original script had the incorrect sentence structure plus letters were not
used correctly, Q when is should be q ,etc. I looked forward to the issue
of HolQeD which would correct this. However, today I opened the issue to
see the transcript *mostly* in Capital letters which I assumed was what
was going to be corrected plus the sentence structure. Now, I"m still
a newbie and confuse easily but wasn't correction the goal not just
reprinting the captions ? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I"m still
confused as to why the incorrect forms were used here. 
And if what is in HolQeD is corrected. 
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