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Re: HolQeD Dec/99 and "Barge"

jatlh malqa:
> However, today I opened the issue to
> see the transcript *mostly* in Capital letters which I assumed was what
> was going to be corrected plus the sentence structure. Now, I"m still
> a newbie and confuse easily but wasn't correction the goal not just
> reprinting the captions ? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I"m still
> confused as to why the incorrect forms were used here.
> And if what is in HolQeD is corrected.

The purpose of putting it in HolQeD is to have it published in written form
AT ALL.  Otherwise, those of us without closed captioning on our televisions
would never be able to see them.  It is not up to us to "correct" them,
though I certainly hope no one would object to your trying to do so, whether
on the list or in the pages of HolQeD.

Stardate 99989.0

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