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Re: New Millenium

>> ...vaj cha'logh "Millennium" vIlop: tera'ngan DIS cha'SaDvaD vIlop
>> 'ej DIS cha'SaD wa' vIlop je'.
> Well, I will celebrate the Millennium twice: I will celebrate the 
> year 2000 and also the year 2001.

A minor point: Okrand refers to {tera' DIS} "Terran (the planet) year" not
{tera'ngan DIS} "the Terran's (the person) year":

  TM, R c. je tera' DIS wa'-Hut-Hut-loS. Hoch SeH Paramount Pictures. 
  TM, R c.1994 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. (SkyBox copyright)

This works like {romuluS HIq} "Romulan ale" -- the ale of Romulus, not of any
particular Romulans (which would be {romuluSngan HIq}).  You can contrast
{tera' DISmey} "Terran years" vs. {Qo'noS DISmey} "Klingon (i.e. Chronos)

: ...and how to say "ambush" in tlhIngan-Hol.

Well, let's see.  There's no specific verb, but our options include:

  {HIv} "attack, assault (KGT)"
  {jev} "storm"  [is this a weather or a military term?]
  {jey} "defeat" 
  {weH} "raid"  ["same as {yot}, really, but with the added connotation
         of surprise or speed" (KGT p.48)]
  {von} "trap, entrap" 
  {yot} "invade" 

Of these, {von} and {weH} come closest.  To be clearer, you could also use
{mer} "surprise" or {pIH} "expect".  E.g.:

  romuluSngan toQDuj wIweHta'.  nupIHbe'.
  We successfully raided the Romulan Warbird; they weren't expecting us.

  jagh ngIvwI'pu' DImerchoH vaj DIvonlaHta'.
  We caught the enemy patrol by surprise and so managed to trap them.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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