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re: re: adverb suffixes ?? /KLBC

> >> ja' pIl'o': 
> >> > LOL. Actually, {nItebchoH veng} means, "The cities fill you." 

I see that it means that considering that you dont always have to pluralize the noun for it to be plural.  (in this case <veng>)
and the they <nI-> would show it as plural

 but couldn't that be taken as "the city's <populous> fill you?
after all veng is singular,... <nI> refers to they(verb)you 
and you can refer to a city as its people or as its entirity (+buildings and such)
so the they could be the populous...
"the city's <populous> fill you"
...or do you (anyone) think I'm reaching??

>> >ghungHa'choH'a' *Godzilla? 
>> ghobe'. Cincinnati Soppu'bogh vetlh Delba'. 
>> -- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh 

>ja' pIl'o
>Qu'vatlh! DaH yabwIjvo' vIteqlaHbe' bomvetlh. qatlho'Ha'. 

nuq bom? *godzilla*?

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