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Re: New Millenium

On Mon, 27 Dec 1999 15:40:50 -0600 Steven Boozer 
<> wrote:

> reghIyna':
> : ...and how to say "ambush" in tlhIngan-Hol.

It is good to give a whole sentence instead of asking for a 
single word. If you give a sentence, we can almost always offer 
meaningful recastings of the idea. When you ask for a single 
word, you are treating the language like a code instead of a 
langauge. Just plug in the Klingon word where the English word 
was. That is not how it works.

"I ambushed the traitor." pay' maghwI' vImerchu'. pe'vIl vIHIv. 

"The Ferengi dogs ambushed us." HIghpu' verengan Ha'DIbaHpu'! 
qabDu'chaj 'angQo'. 'emmajDaq HIv. So''eghtaHvIS, nuHmey HoSghaj 
lo'. Hegh 'op SuvwI'na' yoH. bortaS wISuqnIS.
I can't give you a simple list of words to plug in where you 
would use "ambush". Don't think so much on the level of words. 
Think more on the level of thoughts. Words are just the tools 
used to convey thoughts. They are not the same thing as 
thoughts. There are a collection of thoughts behind the 
expression of the word "ambush" and in Klingon you might choose 
different words for those different meanings, and you might even 
choose a combination of words to convey a particular meaning.


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