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Re: KLBC, Comparatives & Superlatives

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999 14:10:15 -0500 Nicolau Rodrigues 
<> wrote:

>    I'm Nicolau, but you can name me {ghaHbe'wI'}, and 
> this is my first mail to you, so I would be pleased if 
> you correct me any mistake I do in Klingon or English 
> (I'm Catalan, so it's not my native language).

maj. *Catalan* ghaH *Gaudy* je, qar'a'? HutmaHben qachmey 
'IHqu' chenmoH.

>    On page 70 and 71 of TKD are explained the 
> comparatives and superlatives in {tlhIngan Hol}, but I 
> think it's a very restricted way to do them, and every 
> language has different ways to express anything, and its 
> speakers chooses them depending on the context or their 
> point of emphasis. 

They are extremely limited. This is simply a feature of the 
language. I'll let pagh, the Beginner's Grammarian take it 
from here.

>    Waiting for your responses, good bye.
> _________________________________________________________
> Enviado desde Tu correo latino.


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