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Re: qepHom

ja' Mark A Miles <>:
>Does anybody here live in the UK (possibly Scotland)?

The KLI has many members in the UK, and there are a number of people on
the mailing list.  I'll let them contact you at their discretion.  I am
willing to provide a list of people if you're making definite plans for
a Klingon language-related event, but I don't have a complete listing of
KLI members who haven't opted to be listed in the KLI directory.

>Are there any qepHommey in Scotland or in the UK in general?

How "general" do you want? :-)  /kli/qepHom.phtml lists
weekly qepHommey in Völklingen, Germany and Uppsala, Sweden.  Closer to
what you wanted, Matthew Peperell <> held one
a year ago in Manchester, England.  He might respond to a prompt to do it
again, especially if you offered assistance.

It's perfectly reasonable for *you* to host one, too!  See the page for
prospective qepHom hosts
to see how simple it can be.

  Alan Anderson, professional programmer and amateur Klingonist
      qepHom coordinator for the Klingon Language Institute
qo'mey poSmoH Hol -- language opens worlds -- /

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