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Stress in Klingon

nuQum pagh:

: Also, I'd probably transliterate "wallet" as <wallet> or maybe <wal'et>, but
: that's just me. With <walIt> or <walet>, I stress the second syllable, and
: it just comes out weird. I think it's time to go through the (very brief)
: section in TKD on stress again, just to know for sure what it says.

A good way to get a feel for Okrand's transcription is to look at how he has
transcribed some Terran names:

'antonI'            Anthony 
tlhI'yopatra'       Cleopatra
HenrI'              Henry
Day joH             Lady Di 
barbara' ma'rIch    Barbara March
ghuwI'nItlh wa'lIS      Gwynyth Walsh
jan kalI'qoS        John Colicos
janluq pIqarD       Jean-Luc Picard
mayqel 'anSa'ra     Michael Ansara
mayqel Do'rIn       Michael Dorn
rabe'rIt 'o'raylIy      Robert O'Reilly
raqSan bIQ-DawSon   Roxann Biggs-Dawson
nIylo roDIS         Nilo Rodis
bIl jo'rIj              Bill George

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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