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RE: KLBC: qoSDajvaD...

jatlh juDmoS:

> qoSDajmo' jupwI'vaD nob vIje'ta'. Huch polmeH lo'lu'bogh 
> Ha'DIbaH DIr vInobpu'. ' walIt 'DIrvam lupong 
> tera'nganpu'. nobDaj parHa' ghaH 'e' vItul.

maj. Huch wIqengnISbejtaHmo' tera'nganpu', lI' Huch polwI'. pIj DIrvo' chen
tera' Huch polwI'. qatlh? jISovbe', 'ach Huch polmeH nIvlaw' DIr.

One grammar comment - the way <pong> works is that the thing being named
gets a <-vaD>, while the name is the direct object:

DIrvamvaD <walIt> lupong tera'nganpu'.

Also, I'd probably transliterate "wallet" as <wallet> or maybe <wal'et>, but
that's just me. With <walIt> or <walet>, I stress the second syllable, and
it just comes out weird. I think it's time to go through the (very brief)
section in TKD on stress again, just to know for sure what it says.

Beginners' Grammarian

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