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Re: Klingon WOTD: DIb (n)

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999 22:38:28 -0500 TPO <> wrote:

> Webster Dictionary:

He'So' *Webster Dictionary*. *dictionary* nIv DaSuqnIS. *Oxford 
Concise Dictionary* vImaSqu'.
> privilege - 1.  A special, individual right, benefit, etc, granted to some
> and not others.  2.  A general, accepted right, guaranteed by the State as
> natural to all its citizens.

privilege - right, advantage or immunity, belonging to a person, 
class, or office... special advantage or benefit.
> right - Thing claimed as justly due, privilege.
right - What is just, fair treatment 2. Justification, fair 
claim, being entitled to privilege or immunity, thing one is 
entitled to.

While the difference in these definitions is subtle, I think the 
Oxford does a better job of pointing to the idea that a 
privilege is an exceptional case of what might be considered a 
right. Rights are available perhaps to all or perhaps to special 
entitled persons, but priviledges always relate to special cases 
where entitlement is based upon some exceptional status of the 
individual that sets them apart from the general population.

I've hated Webster ever since I realized that it listed 
"antimissile missile" but didn't list the "f" word. Oxford 
didn't list "antimissile missile" but not only listed the "f" 
word, but included the meaning of every usage of it I've ever 
witnessed. to f**k up, to f**k with, to f**k around, etc. Now 
THIS is honest reporting on the language! In general, I find 
their definitions to be much better than [spit] Webster.
> >so I gather it is impossible to say "Its a right, not a privilege"
> >in tlhIngan Hol!
> With these definitions you can't say it in english either.

With that dictionary, there's much you can't say.

> DloraH


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