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Re: pongwIj

jatlh DujHoD:
> I pronounce Regina with stress on the second syllable: re-JEE-nuh. (Of
> course, some people may pronounce it differently.) {rejIy'na} would place
> stress on the second syllable.

Again, my point is that {'} forces you to pronounce a glottal stop, though
one might not exist in the original name.  Lack of {'} does not stop you
from stressing whatever syllable you want.  Why make up sounds that aren't
already there?  (If the answer to this question is "Because I want to,"
that's all the reason you need.  But realize that {rejIy'na} does not sound
like re-JEE-nuh.  It sounds more like re-JEE<choke>-naa.)

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