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Re: pongwIj

>Assuming you're pronouncing it the English way (how I've heard it
>pronounced), I suggest {rejIy'na}. This would have the advantage of putting
>the stress on the correct syllable, qar'a'?

jang SuStel:
>I don't know about you, but I don't pronounce "Regina" with a glottal stop
>The "Klingonish" name {rejIyna} exactly matches my English pronunciation of
>the name, except for the trilled {r} at the beginning and the {e} instead of
>a schwa in the first vowel sound.  Since stress in Klingon is usually not
>explained to us unless we have an audio tape to listen to (TKD says it can
>only provide guidelines), stress need not be indicated in any way.

Read Section 1.3 of TKD (page 17). Among other rules, it says:
>In a noun, the stressed syllable is usually
>the final syllable if there is no
>suffix. If, however, a syllable ending in {'} is present, it is
>usually stressed instead.

I pronounce Regina with stress on the second syllable: re-JEE-nuh. (Of 
course, some people may pronounce it differently.) {rejIy'na} would place 
stress on the second syllable. In any case, the issue is irrelevant. Regina 
has already decided on {reghIyna'}.

- DujHoD

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