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RE: pongwIj

mujang reghIyna':

> vaj DaH reH tlhIngan jabbI'ID vIqonDI', 
> tlhIngan Hol pongwIj chu' vIlo'.


> by the way:
> reH cholughmoHDI', nuq bIjatlh DaneH jIyajchu', 'ej jIghojchu'laH!

maj. bIghojmo' jIbelbej.

I do have some corrections here. First, a simple suffix order problem:

With <nuq Dajatlh DaneH>, I am pretty sure you meant "what you want to say",
but Klingon doesn't work like this. The word <nuq> can only be used for
asking a question, so it is less flexible than the English word "what",
which can do several other things. Instead, you have to use a <-bogh>
clause. I'd go with <Hoch Dajatlhbogh> - "everything you say". Also, you
have to change the prefix on <yaj> from <jI-> to <vI->:

Hoch Dajatlhbogh vIyajchu'

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