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Re: help with name

>Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 17:41:24 -0500 (EST)
>From: malqa <>
>I"m working on my persona and need some feedback
>The name I've choosed for my klingon grandmother ,spelled in English (well
>sorta it's Hebrew or Yiddish which I use as a base name) is Berucha.
>At first I wrote this as (and I'm using tlhIngan Hol letters) b'ruqa.
>But I'm wondering if it should be b'eruqa as the example was given 
>or even beruqa with no "'" after the b at all. Isn't B'Etor or B'Elanna
>the terran version of b'etor or b'elanna ? 
>So, what your choice of name for my grandmother.

I probably missed the boat here, but...

Is the name "b'ruchah" as in "blessed" (past passive participle, feminine)?
Or "b'rachah" (which is more commonly a Hebrew/Yiddish name) with
Ashkenazic pronuncion (which tends to back the vowel some)?

As has been mentioned, you really want the Klingon {H}, which is pretty
much the same as the Hebrew sound in question.  Maybe beruHa' to get the
final stress as in Hebrew (but not Yiddish).  Maybe not, since the -Ha'
makes you wonder what it's "undoing".  As has been mentioned, I'm sure,
Klingon doesn't allow consonants together at the beginnings of
words/syllables, and {'} is a consonant.  The main reason you see so many
apostrophes in Klingon names from Star Trek is that the writers think
apostrophes look cool and make the names look alien.  They also seem to
think that Klingon has lots of consonant clusters, which is actually not
the case.  You can put one in AFTER the e, if you want one...


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