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help with name

I"m working on my persona and need some feedback
The name I've choosed for my klingon grandmother ,spelled in English (well
sorta it's Hebrew or Yiddish which I use as a base name) is Berucha.
At first I wrote this as (and I'm using tlhIngan Hol letters) b'ruqa.
But I'm wondering if it should be b'eruqa as the example was given 
or even beruqa with no "'" after the b at all. Isn't B'Etor or B'Elanna
the terran version of b'etor or b'elanna ? 
So, what your choice of name for my grandmother.

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Chief Security Officer /Chief of Cadet Corps.
USS Triumph NCC-26228/R2/ Starfleet (Triumph Against All Odds) 
jIjatlhpa' jatlh Hovmey (The stars will talk before I will)  
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