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RE: Translating the word "Klingon" into other languages?

ja' tu'vel:

> Russian might be something like 'po-klingonski' or 'klingonski yezik.'

ja voragh:

> *klingonskyi yazyk*.  This is what Glen Proechel, director of the
> Interstellar Language School and author of a Klingon primer, called
> it while he lived in Khabarovsk.  In his spare time he tried to teach
> a couple of his Russian friends {tlhIngan Hol}, but I don't think they
> were very interested IIRC. qa'ral: Isn't this what you call it in Moscow? 

I've never heard it called anything in Moscow, as *Star Trek* is unknown 
here, but tu'vel, voragh and ~mark have come up with the only plausible 
hypothesis. (I use a little different transliteration, though.)

tlhIngan Hol:  *klingonskii iazyk*

tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a':  *Govorite li vy po-klingonski?*

tlhIngan:  *klingonets*, *klingontsy* (pl.)

taHjaj tlhIngan wo':  Da zdravstvuet Klingonskaia Imperiia!

Now, why don't we double-check ~mark's Polish:
qa'ral to veyDer ... come in, please.

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