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Re: Translating the word "Klingon" into other languages?

> German: Die Klingon-Sprache
correctly this should be "die Sprache der Klingonen" (language
of the Klingons/the Klingon people) or "die klingonische Sprache"
(the klingon language/the language of type klingon); but as has
been pointed out, common usage is "Klingonisch" (Klingon, the

> Welsh: Y iaith Klingon (maybe iaith y Klingon would be better?)

hmmm, I'm not a native speaker, so this is mere speculation...
wouldn't the person be Clingonwr/Clingonwraig, pl. Clingonwyr/
Clingonwragedd? using the English as a basis for derivation.

then it'd be "iaith Clingonwyr" to follow the "Language of ..."
pattern, and "Clingoneg" for "Klingon, the language"

if we'd use the Klingon tlhIng ngan as basis for derivation,
we'd get something like Llingro, Llingraes, Llingry and
iaith Llingry, Llingraeg? maybe. maybe not.

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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