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Re: Translating the word "Klingon" into other languages?

>Date: 06 Dec 1999 23:33:00 +0200
>From: [email protected] (Regina Reusser)
>jatlh michka:
>> In English its "Klingon" and then in the warrior's tongue its
>> "tlhIngan-Hol".
>> Do any of the (non-English) folks on this list have any conventions for
>> whether or not to translate it to other languages? I am tempted to keep it
>> tlhIngan-Hol in all langs, truth be told.
>> michka
>Well, in German it's "Klingonisch", but I also prefer to say "tlhIngan  
>Hol". I also was on a swedish Homepage which told something about Klingon  
>Language, and there it was called "Klingonska".

It occurs to me one could also look at the KLI's info pages for opinions:

Let's see if I can make sense out of the ones presented there.  This is
mostly from looking at the beginning of the second paragraph; I am not
expert in all the languages listed.

Afrikaans: Die Klingon taal
Bulgarian: Klingonskijat ezik (transliterated)
Catalan: La llengua Klingon
Chinese: Klingon-yu (romanized; looks like we lost the tones)
Czech: Klingonský jazyk
Danish: Det Klingonske sprog
Dutch: De Klingon taal
E-Prime: The Klingon language
Esperanto: La klingona lingvo
Finnish: Klingonin kieli (I'm really not sure about that second word; I
         don't do Finnish)
French: La langue Klingon
German: Die Klingon-Sprache
Greek: H glwssa Klikgon (transliterated)
Hebrew: hasafah haklingonit (transliterated)
Indonesian: Bahasa Klingon
Irish Gaelic: Thliongánais (I think)
Italian: La lingua Klingon
Japanese: dunno, too lazy to look up katakana.  Presumably kuringon.
Klingon: tlhIngan Hol
Lojban: la klingon. zei bangu, OR le bangrklingo, OR le bangu be lai
	klingon. (I think I used most/all of these, in slightly different
Norwegian: Det Klingonske sprĺket
Polish: Jezyk klingonski
Portuguese: A linguagem Klingon
Russian: Klingonskij jazyk (transliterated)
Slovene: not sure; didn't quite have the characters in my Latin-2 fonts.
Spanish: El lenguaje Klingon
Swedish: Det klingonska sprĺket
Volapük: Klingonapük
Welsh: Y iaith Klingon (maybe iaith y Klingon would be better?)
Yiddish: di klingon shprakh

Note that these are all translations of "The Klingon language" for the most
part; perhaps languages would use a short form of just "Klingon" in "do you
speak...."  Note also that these reflect the individual opinions of the
respective translators; YMMV if you speak one of these languages or try to
use one of these translations (notably, the Welsh alphabet doesn't really
have the letter "k"; I think it's *only* used in the word "kilo".  There's
Sami's "Tllingan"; a less native-aware Welshman would likely write


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