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RE: Translating the word "Klingon" into other languages?

> In English its "Klingon" and then in the warrior's tongue its
> "tlhIngan-Hol".

It's also called "Klingonese" in English, or has been in the past.  In TOS "The
Trouble With Tribbles", Koloth's first officer bragged that "half the quadrant"
was learning Klingonese.  In TNG/DSD9/VOY, however, they just call the language
> Do any of the (non-English) folks on this list have any conventions for
> whether or not to translate it to other languages? I am tempted to keep
> it tlhIngan-Hol in all langs, truth be told.

But you'd still have to translate when someone asks, "What does this word

: Russian might be something like 'po-klingonski' or 'klingonski yezik.'  

*klingonskyi yazyk*.  This is what Glen Proechel, director of the Interstellar
Language School and author of a Klingon primer, called it while he lived in
Khabarovsk.  In his spare time he tried to teach a couple of his Russian
friends {tlhIngan Hol}, but I don't think they were very interested IIRC. 
qa'ral:  Isn't this what you call it in Moscow?  

In Hebrew it would probably be *klingonit* -- on the pattern of *'ivrit*
(Hebrew), *anglit* (English), *tsorfatit* (French), *s'faradit* (Spanish),
*mitsrit* (Egyptian), etc.  Any Israeli Trekkers on the list to confirm?

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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