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RE: Translating the word "Klingon" into other languages?

	ja' michka:

> In English its "Klingon" and then in the warrior's tongue its
> "tlhIngan-Hol".
> Do any of the (non-English) folks on this list have any conventions for
> whether or not to translate
> it to other languages? I am tempted to keep it tlhIngan-Hol in all langs,
> truth be told.
	It probably depends on the language in question.  Some languages
have specific conventions (which I don't pretend to really understand, but
here goes.)

	I can imagine in Spanish it would be 'Klingon' (pronounced with a
hard 'g')  Russian might be something like 'po-klingonski' or 'klingonski
yezik.'  And for all you Nahuatl speakers out there, how about 'Tlinonatl'?

	Just a guess, anyway, 'cause I like to have some minimal input on
these topics.

	- tu'vel

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