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The Klingon Year (was:Re: Qo'noS)

On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, [ISO-8859-1] Tomás Oeste wrote:

> How do we know how long the Klingon year is? 

My estimate on the length of the Klingon year <DIS> cames from information
provided by the Klingon Bird of Prey poster. Here's the relevent info:

jabbI'ID pup: Qapchu'meH 'aqroS chuq: cha' vI' chorgh loghqammey
High Resolution - Maximum Effective Range - 3.5 Light Years

jabbI'ID pupHa': Qapchu'meH chuq: chorgh vI' chorgh loghqammey
Medium to Low Resolution - Efeective Range - 11 Light Years

Doing the math, we see that 1 loghqam = 1.25 light-years

Thus, my natural assumtion that a <loghqam> represents the distace
traveled by light in one <DIS>.


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