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Re: qISmaS

In a message dated 99-12-05 09:25:02 EST, you write:

<<  agree. So does anyone have a translation concept for Christmas that is 
more than just a
 transliteration? What would "Christmas" look like to a member of the warrior 
race (no insults
Well, what I often do when attempting to gain a Klingon perspective on an 
indigineous Terran *anything*, I break it down for what it is. Christmas is 
literally, "Christ's Mass" a ceremonial religious observance of the birth of 
the Christ, the Son of God. Granted, all the Santa and Reindeer, and Snowman 
and Tree thingies are an integral and secular part of the observance. I feel 
that, since the Klingons destroyed the gods who created them, that this 
aspect would not be recognized. However, a Warrior revered by many to be the 
epitome of what it is to be that's a distinct possibility. A 
similar observation might mark the date on the Klingon calendar of the Birth 
of Kahless. I would think, with the monastery on Boreth and all, that the 
religious aspect would not be altogether absent...but the Peace on Earth 
Goodwill to Men" is probably history...


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