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RE: RE: adverb suffixes???

jatlh charghwI':

> I could also see a strange use of {pa'Ha'}, as in:
> 1: Qanqor wISamlaHbe'. Dat wInejpu'!
> 	[We can't find Krankor. We've looked for him everywhere!]
> 2: tachDaq bonej'a'?
> 	[Did you look for him in the bar?]
> 1: toH! pa'Ha' wInejpu'!
> 	[Argh! We've looked for him everywhere else!]

Well, <pa'> is a noun, not an adverbial, so this is even weirder.

Also, we do have a little bit of evidence that Klingon doesn't really
require the "else" in phrases like "everywhere else". The superlative
construction is <A Q law' Hoch Q puS>, basically meaning "A is more Q than
anything". The <law'/puS> construction is weird enough that generalizing
anything from it is risky, but I think it does at least suggest that the
following would make sense:

Dat wInej, 'ach pa' wInejbe'.


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