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RE: adverb suffixes???

ja' Marc Okrand:
> >Whether this {-Ha'} can be added to all adverbials is not clear.
> >The notes taken while working with Maltz indicate that he balked
> >at {vajHa'} ('not thus'?) but accepted {Do'Ha'} 'unfortunately'.
> >Information on other adverbials has not yet been uncovered, though
> >it is probably in the notes somewhere.

ja' DujHoD:
> The reason {vajHa'} doesn't exist is because it doesn't make 
> sense. In English (or any other natural language), we don't 
> say, "Unthus I went there." It doesn't make sense. Perhaps 
> all adverbs that have meanings with {-Ha'} can take {-Ha'}.

A disproportionate number of Klingon speakers seem to be computer
programmers, and for many of us, <vajHa'> seems natural for "else", as in an
"if ... then ... else" clause in most programming languages. Marc Okrand is
not a computer programmer, and his comment on <vajHa'> reminded those of us
who are that most people (Klingon or Human) are not.

> Now, a question. Do we know of any adverbs that take {-be'} 
> or any other verb suffixes?

Not that we know of.

Beginners' Grammarian

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