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RE: KLBC: tuv'el mu'tlheghmey QIp

ja' voragh:

> tuv'el:
> > jItlhab; ngem Ha'DIbaH vIrurmo' chovuSlaHbe'.
> > You cannot limit me, because I'm as free as a forest animal.
> pagh:
> : maj. Good use of an idiom.
> Agreed.  tuv'el's sentences are always interesting.

>  A stylistic point: I'd move {-mo'} and re-order the clauses thus:
>   chovuSlaHbe' jItlhabmo'; ngem Ha'DIbaH vIrur.
	I *like* the sentence this way.

> The reason you can't limit me is because I'm free, not because I resemble
> a
> forest animal.  
>   ?jItlhabmo' chovuSlaHbe'; ngem Ha'DIbaH vIrur.
	I came up with this exact sentence at first, but I didn't like the
idea of braeking up the simile either.

	- tuv'el

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