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tlhIngan qachQeD (Klingon architecture)?

> 2) How would you say *square* (a city square, not the shape).  If nothing
> is known, my suggestion would be <Daq> as in the French *place*.  Thus,
> Place de la Concorde could be <roj Daq> and another well-known square <Daq
> Doq>.

: {mIch} might work, depending on the context.  {vaS} carries a similar idea,
: if not exactly the same meaning.

Indeed.  {vaS} is a type of building {qach} while
squares-plazas-ploshchadi-kikarim etc. are the large open spaces bounded by
streets between buildings.  

{vaS} probably works for vast *enclosed* spaces such as indoor markets (e.g.
Gostinnyi Dvor and G.U.M. [qa'ral: do they still call it that?]), those huge
barn-like train stations and airport buildings, large
cathedrals-temples-mosques, etc.  IMHO {vaS} corresponds well to Latin
"basilica", originally referring to a large government building.  

The only {vaS} we've ever seen is the Great Hall {vaS'a'} in the First City
{veng wa'DIch} on Kronos, a government building where, inter alia, the Klingon
High Council {yejquv} convenes.  (There's a nice picture of it in KCD Language
Lab attached to the entry for the opera {qul tuq} of all things!)  Presumably
there are other - smaller or less important - {vaSmey} elsewhere.  Hmmm... I
wonder if there's one in every Klingon city and/or colony, where the local
governor and administration works? 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons
(whose still chuckling over {Daq Doq}) 

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