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juvmeH mu'tay' vIghoj

wej juvmeH mu'tay' chu' vIghojpu'.  vIghojmeH, DujwIj vIDel.

Cessna 152 'oH.  
chImtaHvIS cha'vatlh wejmaH cheb ngI'.
nIn raQpo' je ngaStaHvIS, wejvatlh wejmaH loS cheb ngI' net chaw'.
Duj 'ugh law' wejvatlh wejmaH loS cheb 'ugh puS net tuch.  
qaSchugh, QobchoHlaH ghu'. puvchugh, puvHa'.
meH DungDaq tel jomlu'.
cha'maH Hut 'uj 'aD tel.
vagh 'uj 'ab vo'wI'.
nIn ngaS telmey. wa'vatlh loS tlho'ren muq nIn ngaSwI'. lojDI' nIn, wIb
bIngDaq ratlh jav tlho'ren muqbogh nIn.  jItlhoch'egh'a'?  nInvetlh
lo'laHbe' Duj.  vIQIjmeH mu'mey vISovbe'bogh vIlo'nIS.
HIqaD.  DujwIj boyajmeH HIyu'.
(DujwIj'e' 'oHbe'ba' - vIngIpmeH jIDIl.)
I have not yet learned the measurement words.  In order to learn them,
I will describe my plane.

It's a Cessna 152.
Empty, it weighs 1150 lbs.
With fuel and passengers, it is permitted to weigh 1670 lbs.
It's forbidden for it to weigh more than 1670 lbs.
If that happens the situation can be dangerous.  It will fly
improperly, if at all.
The wing is affixed above the bridge.
The wing is thirty-three feet four inches long.
The propeller is 69 inches long.*
The wings hold the fuel.  The fuel tanks have a capacity of 26 US
gallons.  When the fuel is exhausted, a volume of one and a half
gallons fuel remains under the vent.  A contradiction?  The plane can't
use that fuel.  I'd have to use words I don't know in order to explain
Please ask me questions about my plane.
(It's not MY plane.  I rent it).
[* Please note that /vo'wI'/ could as easily refer to a jet engine or
an oar: it's just coincidence that the word propeller in English is the
exact word for the thing that propels this plane.]
Qov - pab 'utlh

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