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{qon} vs. {ghItlh} again

: >BTW, "The Sparrow" ghItlhpu' 'Iv?
: qon would be a better verb for this.
: The one that ghItlh the book would probably be the publisher.
: DloraH

Agreed.  At least until we learn how to say "publish", this is a nice
distinction for those of us working in libraries or the book trade:

 "The Sparrow" qon 'Iv?  (who wrote it?)

 "The Sparrow" ghItlh 'Iv?  (who published it?)

 "The Sparrow" ngev 'Iv?  (who vends it?)

{ghItlh} is also appropriate for the author's
amanuensis-secretary-stenographer-typist.  Also his/her (computer) printer,
which prints out a hard copy of the manuscript.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

Steven Boozer   University of Chicago Library

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