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RE: muD Duj

: > I would have trouble accepting {Sup} as meaning "jump from an airplane."

: Why?  Has {Sup} been used in canon in some way that apparently restricts
: usage? (I don't have any examples of {Sup} is my canon db, which is
: incomplete.)
: [snip]
: Unless {Sup} is restricted to something like "jump over," these seem fine to
: me.  Is there some basis for this restriction?

None at all as {Sup} has never been used in canon.  Here's what I have:

 {Sup} "jump" 
 ["Verb, to leap or go over." (ST:Continuum, Klingon Linguistic Studies)]
 I jump. KLS

The single example {jISup} was supplied to STC by Okrand, who also recorded a
.wav audio file, but "I jump" is hardly informative.  The definitions
listed at
KLS were *not* written by Okrand, but by the STC staffer who maintains the

As to whether {Sup} can be used for jump on, jump off, jump in, jump out, jump
over, jump through, etc. is unknown at this point.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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