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Re: Up a blind alley

ghItlh voragh:
> : 1) Is <He> (course, route) the only word that we know for road, street,
> : path, way, etc.?
> That's it so far.  Obvious variants would be *{He'a'} "highway, promenade" and
> *{HeHom} "path, alley" etc.  
> Most of the Klingon we know is skewed toward space travel and "Treknology". 
> Whether these are completely new words or old words whose meanings have been
> broadened to include new technology is unknown at this point.  Probably a bit
> of both.
> : 2) How would you say *square* (a city square, not the shape).  If nothing is
> : known, my suggestion would be <Daq> as in the French *place*.  Thus, Place
> : de la Concorde could be <roj Daq> and another well-known square <Daq Doq>.
> No idea.  Your suggestion is as good as any other, though you would have to
> footnote it as it's not immediately obvious to the reader.  (No {Daq Doq} mne
> ochen' nravitsia!)  We know they exist - we saw one in the Klingon settlement
> on Maranga IV where they celebrated the Kot'Baval Festival (TNG "Firstborn") -
> we just don't know what Klingons call them.  Or if they distinguish a them
> from
> any other type of crossroad.  Or if they have a word for crossroad.

I'm rather surprised KGT doesn't give much info. on directions. There are,
however, ways to work around our lack of knowledge. Examples:

{He'vamDaq ghoS. lojmIt chorghDIch DoqDaq juHwIj Datu'.}
"Proceed along this street. At the seventh red door/gate you will find my

{veng SuDqu'Daq maghoSmeH SuDbogh 'ej wovbogh nagh He' malengnIS.}
"To get ot the Emerald City, we must travel the Road of Yellow Brick."


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