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Re: length of day (was Re: Kagga's Crown (was Re: Klingonaase))

ja' quljIb:
>Logic, and tradition, would dictate that, as the President's Office is
>located in Paris, the Federation Standard day is 24 hours measued from the
>Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England.

tlha'chuqbe' ngoDlIj.
Paris-Daq ba'chugh che'wI', qatlh Greenwich-Daq jaj mung perlu'?
jaj juvlu'meH, qatlh potlh ghor Quv?  tera'Daq nIb HochHom Daq jaj.

>In our solar system, those planets which orbit father out have faster
>rotation speeds and thus shorter days (Jupiter's day is, I believe,
>something like eleven hours).

mujchu' ngoDqoqvam.  Hut rep vaghmaH tup je ngaS Jupiter jaj.

nom DIng Jupiter, 'ach Saturn DIngmeH Do mach law' Jupiter DIngmeH Do
mach puS, 'ej Uranus DIngmeH Do mach law' Saturn DIngmeH Do mach puS,
'ej Neptune DIngmeH Do mach law' Uranus DIngmeH Do mach puS, 'ej Pluto
DIngmeH Do mach law' Neptune DIngmeH Do mach puS.

yuQ DIngmeH Do SIghbe'bej Hov chuq.
DIngmeH Do SIghlaw'qu' yuQ tIn tIntaHghaH.
tInqu'chugh yuQ, nom DIng.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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