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Re: length of day (was Re: Kagga's Crown (was Re: Klingonaase))

ja' DloraH: 
>   A Qo'noS day could be longer.  Its just that the calculations were off by
> eight minutes.
>   Worf misaligned the two calendars (Earth and Qo'noS) and his calculations
> were off eight minutes.  This says nothing about which days are longer.

In our solar system, those planets which orbit father out have faster
rotation speeds and thus shorter days (Jupiter's day is, I believe,
something like eleven hours). Based on info gleaned from the tlhIngan
toQDuj poster, a <loghqam> ("space-step") is equal to 1.25 light-years.
Making the logical guess that a <loghqam> is the distance light travels in
one Klingon year <DIS>, the Klingon year is 25% longer than the Terran
year. (I'm assuming Klingons use a solar year when measuring astral
distances. Using a lunar year would be far to cumbersome and confusing.) A
day <jaj> of roughly twenty hours is not so far fetched.

We really must ask Maltz about the Klingon calander(s).


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