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tlhIngan HovQeD (Klingon astrology/astronomy)

quljIb wrote:
>> Or the "hours" could even be names for Qo'noSian constellations:
>> the Hour of the Targ, the Hour of the Sark, the Hour of the Norg,
>> the Hour of the Pipius, get the idea. 
>Purely for the fun of it, I came up with the ten astrological signs of
>Klingon Astromony and their related elements:
><Hovghom> "sign":		<Hap> "element":
>Sargh   "the Horse"		Sor  "wood"
>wamwI'  "the Hunter"		baS  "metal"
>targh   "the Boar"		nagh "stone" 
>toQ     "the Eagle"		qul  "fire"
>pipyuS  "the Crab"		bIQ  "water"
>lung    "the Serpent"		Sor  "wood"
>'etlh   "the Sword"		baS  "metal"
>min'or  "the Ox"		nagh "stone"
>vIghro' "the Cat (Tiger)"	qul  "fire"
>norgh   "the Shark"		bIQ  "water"
>> Naturally the is all speculation. The clerics at Borath would probably
>> know such things.

Funny you should mention Boreth.  We do know the name of one Klingon
constellation from KCD ("ST:Klingon").  It is {ghochwI'} "The Tracker",
which is also the title of a sculpture in Torghn's house, a 3D
representation of the constellation.  According to the Kahless myth, this
constellation contains the bright star Boreth orbits that Kahless pointed
to when he left his followers.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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