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Re: Kagga's Crown (was Re: Klingonaase)

> Alternately, the signal could be once every 1/10th part of a day. If we
> don't number the first moment of the day (dawn) and instead give it a name
> --like "new-day", or "sun-up", or whatever--we are left with nine "hours",
> very much in keeping with the native Klingon counting system. This also
> means Kagga ruled for what a Klingon would call "half an hour."
> As to how the "hours" are named, many possibilities exist. Numbering the
> "hours" (as is common in the 24th century) works, as does assigning each
> "hour" a note from the musical scale (a gong/bell of a different note for
> each hour?) with all nine sounding at dawn proclaiming the new day (WAKE
> UP!!!). Or the "hours" could even be names for Qo'noSian constellations:
> the Hour of the Targ, the Hour of the Sark, the Hour of the Norg, the Hour
> of the Pipius, get the idea. 
> Naturally the is all speculation. The clerics at Borath would probably
> know such things.

Purely for the fun of it, I came up with the ten astrological signs of
Klingon Astromony and their related elements:

<Hovghom> "sign":		<Hap> "element":

Sargh   "the Horse"		Sor  "wood"
wamwI'  "the Hunter"		baS  "metal"
targh   "the Boar"		nagh "stone" 
toQ     "the Eagle"		qul  "fire"
pipyuS  "the Crab"		bIQ  "water"
lung    "the Serpent"		Sor  "wood"
'etlh   "the Sword"		baS  "metal"
min'or  "the Ox"		nagh "stone"
vIghro' "the Cat (Tiger)"	qul  "fire"
norgh   "the Shark"		bIQ  "water"

Because "with fire and steel did the gods forge the Klingon heart," these
two elements <Hapmey> would be most important in mythology. Additionally,
as the the <Hovghommey pipyuS> and the <Hovghommey norgh> illustrate,
water is not always a symbol of weakness. :-)

Glory to the Klingon High Astrologer!

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