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Re: tlhIngan HovQeD (Klingon astrology/astronomy)

> vIjatlhpu' quljIb:
> >Purely for the fun of it, I came up with the ten astrological signs of
> >Klingon Astromony and their related elements:
> >
> ><Hovghom> "sign":		<Hap> "element":
> >
> >Sargh   "the Horse"		Sor  "wood"
> >wamwI'  "the Hunter"		baS  "metal"
> >targh   "the Boar"		nagh "stone" 
> >toQ     "the Eagle"		qul  "fire"
> >pipyuS  "the Crab"		bIQ  "water"
> >lung    "the Serpent"		Sor  "wood"
> >'etlh   "the Sword"		baS  "metal"
> >min'or  "the Ox"		nagh "stone"
> >vIghro' "the Cat (Tiger)"	qul  "fire"
> >norgh   "the Shark"		bIQ  "water"
> > 
> >> Naturally the is all speculation. The clerics at Borath would probably
> >> know such things.

ja' voragh: 
> Funny you should mention Boreth.  We do know the name of one Klingon
> constellation from KCD ("ST:Klingon").  It is {ghochwI'} "The Tracker",
> which is also the title of a sculpture in Torghn's house, a 3D
> representation of the constellation.  According to the Kahless myth, this
> constellation contains the bright star Boreth orbits that Kahless pointed
> to when he left his followers.

ghochwI' ponglu'bogh Hovghom Hov bavtaH boreS yuQ
"The planet Boreth orbits a star in the constellation named "The Tracker."
I wonder which star?...


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