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Re: Kahless the Unforgettable

qa'ral wrote:

> If the following questions cover old ground, it's for one of two reasons:  I'm new to this list,
I think this has been discussed I don't know how long ago. Perhabs
somebody remembers?

> 1) How does one say "Kahless the Unforgettable," "Unforgettable Kahless," or, for that matter, "Kahless cannot be forgotten"?  The best I could come up with is qeylIS lIjlu'laHbe' for all three expressions (or perhaps qeylIS lIjlu'laHbe'bogh for the first).  But this violates the prohibition against using two suffixes of one type (Type 5) in the same verb structure.
Wow! maj!

> 2) How then would you say "for Kahless the Unforgettable" (using the preposition)?
I would put the {-vaD} on the end of the whole thing: *qeylIS

> 3) Using the weaker epithet lIjlu'be' (unforgotten), I can say qeylIS lIjlu'be' vIlob  (I obey Kahless the Unforgotten) and qeylIS lIjlu'be'bogh vIlob (I obey Kahless who is not forgotten), which are grammatically distinct, but more or less identical in meaning.  Similarly:  De' lI' lughaj (they have useful information) and lI'bogh De' lughaj (they have information that is useful).  Am I getting this right?
I don't think so. Is he? On the {-bogh} part, probably, but {De' lI'}
only means "useful info" because {lI'} is a verb used adjectively. Is
{lIjlu'be'} the same? By the way, I would say {lIjbe'lu'}.

Jussa lil comment from me :-)

Quvar muHwI'

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