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Re: poH

You will have to forgive me I'm new at Klingonese and haven't quite gotten the
hang of it.
Qa' Pla
maybe you can translate it for me I need to get a Klingon dictionary

Alan Anderson wrote:

> ja' HovqIj:
> >>>...rut jupna'lI' 'oHlaH poH'e'
> >>>'a motlh Doch neH
> >>
> >>"Time wounds all heels."  -- Jerry Pournelle (attrib.)
> >
> >pIj wanI' qab lIj ghot 'e' Har ghotvam, 'ach ghaHvaD wanI'vetlh qawmoHlu'DI'
> >reghqu'laH ben law' 'oy'.
> bIyajHa'.  QIDHa'chu' poH jatlhbe'.  jagh HoH poH jatlh.
> >bIQ rurlaw' poH 'ej qul rurlaw' poH. Dajqu'. rurchuqbe'chu' bIQ qul je.
> >HoHchuq bIQ qul je. qech Qatlh 'oHlaw' poH'e'.
> chaq vIHtaHbogh nIn'e' rur poH. :-)
> poH yISuvQo'.  poH yIlo'Ha'Qo' neH.
> -- ghunchu'wI'

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