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Re: Klingonaase

> Here are some Klingonaase words I've found from the Klingon Ship
> Manual.  This is a long list of words and my speculations about what they 
> 	[snip]
> Page 9 has better information:
> K't'agga - Painbringer (D-7A)
> k't'kara - Bringer of Destiny (D-7C)
> 	[snip]
> Vocabulary from page 9 - agga "pain," kara "destiny," alla "truth," inga 
> "destruction," rika "agony," mara "justice."
: Okay, now I KNOW someone is researching Klingonaase and inserting it here
: and there in recent episodes. In this week's DS9 episode ("Penumbra") Worf
: was in command of the K'Vort class BoP "Karagga". This sounds awfully
close to
: k't'agga if you ask me.

According to my notes, there was an emperor Karagg (no further details).  I
don't recall if this comes from John Ford's FASA materials or if I found it

There was also an emperor Kagga, who led an unsuccessful revolt and was
under sentence of death but was allowed accession to the throne for 20
minutes. He had his "crown" burned into his flesh before execution.
*Kaggate pash* "Kagga's crown!" is a  mild klingonaase expletive.  I'm sure
this one comes from Ford.

Someone on the writing staff may have recently read Ford's "The Final
Reflection" and these names stuck in his/her memory.  In the recent episode
"Once More Unto the Breach" (which was just re-run this month), Gen. Martok
was heard to exclaim, "By the hand of Kahless!"  This is, of course, Ford's
famous *Kahlesste kaase!* from TFR.  

(BTW, from both of these examples we can extract a genitive suffix <-te> to
add to our skeleton grammatical outline of klingonaase.  It may or may not
be significant that <-te> is found on proper names.)

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there's a copy of his Klingon Ship
Recognition Manual laying around the Paramount writing offices.  It's just
a pity that it took so long for someone to read it now that DS9 is ending.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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