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We did Hamlet at I-Con

Greetings!  I just wanted to let everyone know that our performance at
Hamlet was short, but a success.  We did two scenes: "Alas, poor Yorik" (or,
{Do'Ha' yorIq}), and the fight scene at the end.  We had a nice roomful of
people and two recordings were made (I'm trying to get my hands on one, the
other might become available through Infinite Possibilities
(  I don't know any more than that so far.

I also got interviewed by someone from Newsday, and I got two paragraphs in
the Saturday and Sunday editions!  The relevant section, from the article
"Convention Is Out Of This World," by Katie Thomas, went like this (errors

Next door to the dealers room, Huntington resident David Trimboli was
reciting a line from Hamlet.  "taH pagh taHbe," he said.  "DaH mu'tlheghvam
vIqeln IS."  Loosely translated from the Klingon, Trimboli said, that means:
"To be or not to be.  That is the question."

Trimboli, 26, a sales clerk, was minding the table for the Klingon Language
Institute, a Flourtown, Pa.-based non-profit organization "dedicated to
studying the Klingon language and providing a common forum for its

Finally, I got lots of KLI flyers out, and managed to get a few players to
pronounce, if not speak, Klingon.

It was a good convention.  If you were there, and are checking out the
mailing list, let us know!  I'd love to get a qepHom together if I knew
people were going to come!

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