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Re: Klingonaase

On Tue, 13 Apr 1999 wrote:

> Here are some Klingonaase words I've found from the Klingon Ship Recognition 
> Manual.  This is a long list of words and my speculations about what they 
> are.  Any further speculation is welcome, Holtej jIHbe'mo'.
> Page 9 has better information:
> K't'agga - Painbringer (D-7A)
> k't'kara - Bringer of Destiny (D-7C)
> k't'alla - Truthbringer (D-7G)
> k't'inga - Bringer of Destruction (D-7M)
> k't'rika - Bringer of agony (D-7R)
> k't'mara - Bringer of justice (D-7S)
> the word k't' seems to be "bringer," attached to what it is the bringer of.
> Vocabulary from page 9 - agga "pain," kara "destiny," alla "truth," inga 
> "destruction," rika "agony," mara "justice."

Okay, now I KNOW someone is researching Klingonaase and inserting it here
and there in recent episodes. In this week's DS9 episode ("Penumbra") Worf
was in command of the K'Vort class BoP "Karagga". This sounds awfully close to
k't'agga if you ask me.

> T'Lod

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