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Here are some Klingonaase words I've found from the Klingon Ship Recognition 
Manual.  This is a long list of words and my speculations about what they 
are.  Any further speculation is welcome, Holtej jIHbe'mo'.
Lara'atan - protector of brothers (p21)
kl'sarza - Swiftwind (p19)
d'aka - mover (p4) (this is listed as "an obvious reference to its function")
mas to gal - throne seeker (p4)
(the "one who does" can't be seen from these two examples alone)
na ra'den - Carrier of Doom (p5) (typical reference to the strike force it 
can deliver so rapidly)
k'el ri'anda - the dangerous fat man (p6)
komo val - always in victory (p7)
Page 9 has better information:
K't'agga - Painbringer (D-7A)
k't'kara - Bringer of Destiny (D-7C)
k't'alla - Truthbringer (D-7G)
k't'inga - Bringer of Destruction (D-7M)
k't'rika - Bringer of agony (D-7R)
k't'mara - Bringer of justice (D-7S)
the word k't' seems to be "bringer," attached to what it is the bringer of.
Vocabulary from page 9 - agga "pain," kara "destiny," alla "truth," inga 
"destruction," rika "agony," mara "justice."
d'ama - predator (p10)
z'ghal - seeker (p11)
Riskadh - Kahless' family name.  His family line died with him. (p13)
z'gavva - stronger bird (p15)
v'kar zadan - the tongue that stings (p16)
dath d'lan - One Wing (p17) (one of these is the number 1)
d'esta kar - stinger (refers to a predator on Nogunda (p18) (kar seems to be 
the verb "sting")
talat kh'exesta - little killer (name refers to tactics used in battle) (p27) 
(this page also says that the Crewmembers of the K-23 were trained in a 
battle language all their own.  Could this be what klingonaase is?)
kom ka'des - forever the winner (p28) (komo seems derived from kom; always 
seems to be able to take -o as an ending, but the purpose of it is unknown.  
mortum hesta - the maker of the dead (p29)
t'h'lar - Defender (p30)
sivista - fast sword (p32) (a dress sword worn by senior Klingon officers)
z'gavasta - Great Bird (p33) (z'gav or gav seem to be a bird)
kalath - a small nocturnal predator native to Veridor (p34)
v's'talo - watcher (p34)
kl'xenova - Enforcer (p35)
lar'hal - Administrator (p36)
tas'esta - Pathmaker (p37)
z'mortama - Death stalker (p37) (death seems to be mort; mortum seem to be 
"the dead")
l'rexa - slowly and unseen (p38)
D'Gavama - Bird of Prey (p39) (direct translation of the Klingonaase)
K'nel - spell (ship class is called "Luckless") (p40)
v'al'kon - strong victor (p41)
Baka Re' - pregnant (p42)
plen zha - trader's game (p42)
qexa - Tugboat (p43)
besz ra'te' - throwing machine (p43)
Koreba - small rodent native to Klinzhai; marsupial (p44)
kas maal - speedstar (p44)
k'nall - mender (p45)
Eakin K'nall - Ear healer (p45) (Eakin is the word "ear")
H'ban Pav - folding box (p46)
zha mortas - deathgame (p47) (game seems to be zha; mortas is a derivative of 
mort - death)


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