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RE: RE: KLBC vaj bom

Whoops...  I accidentally sent the previous message prematurely...
Here's the completed message:

jatlh pagh:

>Sentence order: <lugh'a' bom mu'meyvam?>.

d0H!!  momentary lapse of unKlingon thinking.

jatlh Voragh:

>I normally don't like relying too much on {-'a'} instead of the other tools
>available such as {Dun} and {tIn}, which tend to get over-looked.  But in
>this instance I think *{tev'a'} is fine, though I would use {pop} "reward"
>instead of {tev} "prize" - *{pop'a'}.  Okrand explains the difference in
>The Klingon Way (p.47):

Hooray!!  I now posses copies of CK, PK, TKW book and audio.

Well here is the revised version of "vaj bom"....

tlhIngan jIH.
jISuvchu' jIH.
jIHoS 'ej jIHem.
quv vISoqmeH jIQojchu'.
jISuvtaHvIS jIHeghchugh vaj,
pop'a' vIQapchu'.

quvmo' jach 'IwwIj
'ej gholwI' 'Iwmo' jach 'etlhwIj.
vIje' 'e' mutlhob
vaj jIHeQnIS.
batlh jIvang 'e' mughojmoH.

Qu'mo' jIyIn.
Huv ngoQwIj.
ghol'a'wI' vIjeylaHchu'meH murach toDujwIj;

tlhIngan maH.
maSuvchu' maH.
maHoS 'ej maHem.
quv wISoqmeH maQojchu'.
maSuvtaHvIS maHeghchugh vaj,
pop'a' wIQapchu'.

--=< Translation >=--

Warrior Song

I am Klingon.
I am a Warrior.
Strong and proud am I.
I wage war for honour.
If I should die in battle, then
I win the ultimate reward.

My blood cries out for honour
And my blade cries out for my enemy's blood.
It pleads to me to feed it,
So I must comply.
They will teach me to act honourably.

I live for duty.
My purpose is clear.
My courage strengthens me
So that I can defeat my greatest opponents;
To the death!!

We are Klingon.
We are Warriors.
Strong and proud are we.
We wage war for honour.
If we should die in battle, then
We win the ultimate reward.

> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian

>Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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