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Re: TLHINGAN-HOL digest 1130

QoreQ wrote:

: jatlh Voragh:
: >I normally don't like relying too much on {-'a'} instead of the other tools
: >available such as {Dun} and {tIn}, which tend to get over-looked.  But in
: >this instance I think *{tev'a'} is fine, though I would use {pop} "reward"
: >instead of {tev} "prize" - *{pop'a'}.  Okrand explains the difference in
: >The Klingon Way (p.47):
: Alas, I do not posses a copy of TKW (yet....  since it is on its way from
: Amazon along with PK, CK and TKW audio).

qay'be' (No problem).  That's one of the reasons I do what I do, since I
know that only the most committed (or should I say, obsessed?) Klingonist
has access to everything Okrand has written:  movie transcripts (plus
novelizations), TKD, CK, PK, TKW (plus the audiotape), KCD (plus the novel
and audiotape), KGT, the Klingon SkyBox cards, the BoP poster, his
interviews in HolQeD, his posts to the Star Trek: Continuum's Expert Forum
and startrek.klingon newsgroup, quotations from conventions and the KLI
qep'a'mey, personal communications that Lawrence and others have posted on
the List, etc.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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