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Re: TLHINGAN-HOL digest 1130

jatlh pagh:

> jatlh QoreQ:
>  {..........}
>> bom mu'meyvam lugh'a'?
>> Are these song words correct?
>Sentence order: <lugh'a' bom mu'meyvam?>.

d0H!!  momentary lapse of unKlingon thinking.

jatlh Voragh:

>I normally don't like relying too much on {-'a'} instead of the other tools
>available such as {Dun} and {tIn}, which tend to get over-looked.  But in
>this instance I think *{tev'a'} is fine, though I would use {pop} "reward"
>instead of {tev} "prize" - *{pop'a'}.  Okrand explains the difference in
>The Klingon Way (p.47):

Alas, I do not posses a copy of TKW (yet....  since it is on its way from
Amazon along with PK, CK and TKW audio).

Well here is the revised version of "vaj bom"....

tlhIngan jIH.
jISuvchu' jIH.
jIHoS 'ej jIHem.
quv vISoqmeH jIQojchu'.
jISuvtaHvIS jIHeghchugh vaj,
pop'a' vIQapchu'.

> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian

>Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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