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adjectives, ???

	from, THE KLINGON DICTIONARY, page 49 & 50.

	the rover -qu' emphatic (section 4.3) may follow verbs functioning
adjectivally. In this usage, it is usually translated "very".

	Dujmey tInqu'	==	very big ships
	wanI' ramqu'	==	a very unimportant event

	If a type 5 noun suffix is used (section 3.3.5), it follows the verb,
which, when used to modify the noun in this way, can have no other
suffix except the rover -qu' emphatic, the type 5 noun suffix follows

	veng tInqu'Daq	==	in the very big city

Question ?

	Does this mean that if there is a syntactic marker (noun type 5), then
only -qu may be use, and if there is not a syntactic marker, then any of
the other verb suffixes may be used ?

	choS wewDaq nuHIvpu' tera'nganpu' maw'ba'. 

	the obviously crazy Earthlings they attacked us in the glow of
	adjectives, maw'ba' & wewDaq

	Is the verb aspect suffix #6 allowed on an adjective, if there is no
noun suffix #5 ?

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