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Re: Klingon Drinking song

Steven Boozer schrieb:

> These look like the lyrics which appeared in the official novelization of
> "The Way of the Warrior" (by Hilary Bader?).  If you search the KLI list
> archives, you'll find our discussion back when this song originally aired a
> 2-3 years (?) ago in North America.

I did, and finally found something that looks pretty good:
'ej HumtaH 'ej DechtaH 'Iw
'ej Doq SoDtaH ghoSpa' *Sqral bIQtIq
'e' pa' jaj law' mo' jaj puS
jaj qeylIS molar mIgh HoHchu'

Does anyone have the sound file, which he could send me please?
btw, this makes me think of the word {wab}. Pun intended? (*.wav)

send to

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